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Recording is a Process...


It has been an interesting last month delving into the recording process. Doing it all independently can be rough sometimes. When you are so involved in the music itself it is easy to over-analyze the production side of things. The huge payoff is that you are allowed pure artistic control over the project, and are able to work on it on your own schedule. However, this could lead to the dreaded "Wintersun Syndrome"... rest assured we are soldiering ahead. 

recording is a process 01.png

One part of the process I find interesting is setting the tempo map. Since we are recording everything to a click track, the tempos, time signatures and measures have to be set to match the song. To be honest, we don't think about this too much when we're writing, we just play what we feel. So it is kind of fun in a music nerd way to sit down and exactly figure out the Beats Per Minute for each riff. It might surprise you how much tinkering this takes; there are three tempo changes pictured above in a 50 second span. If that's what it takes to get the feeling right, then so be it...

I feel like this is an important aspect. Metallica was very meticulous with their tempos, a good example of this is "One" where the chorus is slightly faster than the verse. And if Metallica did something we should do it too, right? ...well, maybe that's not true.


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